Remaining invisible when writing a book, goes against a previous thought of not being self indulgent and vain (See older post 'George Orwell Collected Essays'). Factual news writing I find makes the writer invisible. In my experience when working with my local Hospital Radio writing news scripts and in other placements, just getting fact and figures out was the important task. Keeping word limits and language tight and not too descriptive was another essential. Completely taking a flamboyant writer out of their comfort zone and not letting their colourful natures exist. News writing as a form of invisibility to me is telling rather than showing.

Keeping my exclamation points under control is another rule that I tend to forget! In journalistic writing again at university and through various work placements, I was taught not to over emphasise a point through exclamation marks, but to instead use strong language; a valuable lesson. Although we have not crossed the path of journalistic writing so much yet, I am enjoying the use of creative, flowery language at this stage.

Being able to make people see through dialogue as opposed to describing their appearance is mentioned in the text. This I see as being a challenge which I appreciate and look forward to attempting.