The epic wedding of our future King and Queen was one occasion that could not be missed.

Thousands of followers filled the streets of London from several days before; camping out and queuing in hope to catch a glimpse of a Fairytale.

Personally, the royal family are not up there with my favourite things in the world, nor up with my favourite things in the country. But as you’ll see by the content of my other blog: ‘Diaryofabridetobe.’ I would be quite interested in this particular affair.

Setting the Scene: The tree lined aisle was among one my favourite things of their day. Bringing outside in, made for a beautiful setting. The colossal Abbey alone is enough of a statement to get people talking for some time, but to introduce nature to the day so tastefully makes quite an impression. Where can I get some trees from and will I be allowed to plant them in my church?

The Guest List: Among many other familiar faces were the likes of the Beckhams, Tara P-T and the Camerons. All with interesting attire I might say. A hat, a necessity; Posh with her navy blue swirly cap and TPT with electric blue ‘boat’ on her head, both equal statements of intent, competing to be the more talked about celeb, but it was a surprise and shame to see Mrs Cameron with this missing accessory! A great policy: ‘No hat, no entry’, worth a go at my event…

The Bride: The much awaited dress was hard to catch at first as they stealthily lead her behind walled backs into the bridal car. However, when seated and driven to the venue, for the first time these eyes, burning with desire were finally rewarded with the gift that was Kate’s dress. A beautifully designed Alexander McQueen number, in shades of white and ivory, from neck to wrist, covering shoulders and chest, draped with lace. Then, finished with nipped in at the waist, elegantly puffed out below silk skirt.  A Grace Kelly-esque homage, it truly was a perfect configuration and suited our future Queen down to the tee. Princess dress – check!

The Ceremony: An electrifying eruption of emotion. As the bride took to the never ending aisle, there could not have been a dry eye in the place. An endearing little brother watched in awe and whispered to his sibling with a smile on his face. A groom with a grin from ear to ear mouthed to his future wife that she looked beautiful as she stood beside him.

At one point only during the service did things look a little worrying; had the Bride’s finger’s grown in diameter? Had the ring shrunk? Who knows? But one thing is for sure, and that’s the need to have greased up that ring to ensure it steadily fit on the Bride’s finger without breaking it! Bridal diet and exercise regime to include finger exercises also…

The Kiss: The moment we’ve all been waiting for finally comes: that perfect balcony kiss, thousands of fans, hundreds of photographers waiting…. Oh, the pressure is surely building. As they step out, radiant as ever, sun shining down on them. He leans in for ‘that kiss’. Well, they do say it’s quality not quantity. Albeit a short smooch, it was sincere and captured in time forever. Practice kissing in the mirror – check!