Dear Blog,

Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote. This is less of a blog about ‘Style Gurus’ as the title of the section suggests, but more about me being a style guru for now.

It has been the most eventful summer of my life so far. I finally had my Big White Wedding and it was incredible.

Weddings are most definitely not overrated, not when it’s your own. This is not to say it all went swimmingly, that’s for sure.

In preparation for my/our day I did the usual planning via mountains of Bride magazines and watching Father of the Bride on loop, but nothing truly prepares you for the amount of unforgettable blunders that occur on the actual day. From being unable to float gracefully down the aisle like the swan that I mentioned in a past piece of writing to hard potatoes at the wedding breakfast (and why is it called a breakfast exactly when served past lunch time?), you name it, it went wrong!

The morning goes by in true style, slugging champers and being pampered, but when the time comes to leave the room, I am physically shaking. Dad comes in, his jaw drops and he says four words that I will never forget: “Don’t you look smart”, poor Dad, never one for too many words. The chauffeur quickly dives in with “Beautiful, you look beautiful”, “Yes, I mean beautiful” Dad chimes back.

In the car, Dad squeezes my hand reassuringly. The church is beautiful, the rain has gone.

The bridesmaids have walked ahead, one little flower-girl needs to be picked up before she throws herself on the floor in tantrum.

Dad and I start to walk, I soon realize I can’t walk properly; I’m standing on my dress. Everyone is smiling, I’m whispering “Dad, help me, pick up my skirt!”

I finally reach the front to my husband-to-be. He’s quite the emotional wreck, red-eyed and sniffling.

The first hymn is announced and I am handed a hymn book. Where are my little booklets that I had personalized, detailing the whole event, with hymns inserted? Oh dear they’ve been misplaced!

The ceremony as a whole is a beautiful moment that we have captured in our memory. My brother reads a prayer, I make a personal film that we screen to the whole church as we sign the register and my gorgeous nephew Sebastien reads a beautiful poem by Edward Monkton. Please see the next post for the poem and keep reading later for the rest of the event that far surpassed Will and Kate’s!