This is a continuation of a previous post about the film The Shining. I wanted to break up the post a little so to keep you the reader interested. It aims to be a theme revisited instead of one overdone. Enjoy...

The Story and Ideology: The Shining presents a man, wife and a young child. They have a tumultuous relationship where the husband is consumed by his writing career (how appropriate!) and is a recovering alcoholic. The man eventually loses control and tries to kill his family. The woman is a frightened mouse, who fights back in the end to save her and the son. Ideological assumptions maybe that woman is weak, men are strong, even in the end despite the woman driving to safety, she is still portrayed as fairly pathetic. From a feminist point of view, the woman’s role throughout the film is to be a mother, a carer and supporter of the man. In Jon Berger’s book Ways of Seeing, he says that women are there to be ‘gazed at’. This is partly true in the film as the heroine’s role does not save the day, but more the boy and the cook (a man) rescue the situation as the woman runs around flaying arms in the air.
The target audience for The Shining is adults and to any sex I believe. It’s a classic film that has been watched by many and is likely to have a cult following. Kubrick and Stephen King fans are likely to be its primary target audience, although as it is such an iconic landmark, the following of fans is almost certainly spread widely.

I believe that with the feminisit viewpoint in mind, I am not an ideal ‘reader’ of this text as I am a woman and may be offended or not see the similarities to myself in the feminine role. However, as a person who enjoys to be scared and entertained I believe I am the perfect reader of The Shining.