I recently read John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men (1937) and remembered back to the film also. They are both inspiring beautiful telling of a tragic tale about strength, friendship, loss and following your dreams.

The book is a triumph that perfectly paints a picture of the US Deep South in the Depression era. The two main characters Lenny and George drive the narrative and their friendship is the premise of the story. Although George looks out for Lenny and consistently gets angered by their situation and Lenny’s reliance on him, George ultimately needs Lenny to remind him to follow his dreams. They sweat it out day by day laboring on farms around the South until Lenny does something accidently foolish to make them need to move on again. Lenny does not realize his own strength and is naïve with his childlike ways and George always cleans up behind him. The tale ends tragically with George committing the ultimate sacrifice to save his friend.

The movie directed by Gary Sinise (1992) and starring Gary Sinise and John Malkovich does justice to the novel with magnificent performances from the leading men. The simplicity of the rural world around us and the men just wanting to buy land, raise rabbits and live off their crops is a real earthly simplistic wanting, which makes for a refreshing read/watch.

The language in the literature nicely portrays the South’s accent and dialect. I believe the derogatory terminology when referring to people of a different race throughout is apt for the era and so are the ideologies presented. 

I enjoyed not only the literature, not only the film, but the concept of true friendship, society’s struggles and  the idea of dream chasing to keep you always looking up. Although tragic in the end, a lovely read with underlying themes that make you think about the important things in life.