Sherman Alexie’s: Captivity

 A rehashed memory all in one flood of a text. This piece reads like snapshots from a past present and future all in one.

It’s rewarding in the way that the reader is experiencing somebody’s experiences, but by its very non-linear nature, it is undoubtedly a confusing read. It is however, thought provoking and pushes you outside your comfort zone where, usually A meets B and B meets C.

The section (13) which lists items or events is an interesting one, both structurally and formally. A refreshing format such as a letter (as in Kinsella) or lists as in this example connotes a different feeling and challenges the reader to ‘think outside the box’.

Also the use of capitals in the text arouses the eye to take charge and feel the words’ strength and dominance.

Repetition throughout, like flashbacks is similar then to the film Memento with its déjà vu to make the viewer relive moments in time. This is either a great way to emphasize a point, to mentally and physically (tangible evidence) feel a point repeated as if character is seeing it again and again or to plainly frustrate the reader/viewer such as in Memento and feel the character’s frustrations too. All of it however was purposeful and necessary when made, for the audience.

An appreciated piece of writing that explores language, musicality, formal elements and narrative structure; influential and beneficial for the task: Analysing Narrative Structure and Lists