I believe the purpose of Rowling’s speech was to inspire and give light to Harvard graduates. For them to accept failure at times and to try to be imaginative and innovative, in life no matter how low you go. It was almost autobiographic in that she dipped into the story of her life. This for me made it more interesting and persuasive as I felt a connection on an emotional level with her (pathos)

Her ability to deliver in such a sincere but punchy way in both her writing and presenting was inspirational and gripping. In parts it truly made me empathize with her and other people I have never met, without feeling detached like an outsider.

She has this ability of creating an argument with images that are tangible and textured.

Her attention to emotion (Pathos) is both sincere and touching. Through her memoirs, she tells of her past job working with Amnesty International and how she encountered many characters who suffered sad lives. This part of her speech particularly grabbed me and convinced me of her true passion and reason for standing up there, to encourage people to stand forward, never give up and embrace failure with passion and perseverance

Her reference back to what we know her for (Harry Potter) drew me back in to realize that she is an icon and an inspiration (Ethos). As a well respected writer, Rowling’s authority allows her to stand and advise people; she delivers such wise words and has everyone captured and entranced, as if by magic, they hang off her every word.