Guillermo Del Toro's The Orphanage (2007) tells the story of a family in strife due to the absence of their son.

A husband and wife take on an old orphanage bringing in children, only to lose their own. The woman starts to see strange things and believes there is a haunting in their house, has something taken their boy?

An intense ghost story that delves into horror, crime and suspense.

Del Toro fantastically achieves his typically beautiful Gothic feel to the film. A Del Toro film has its own stamp, much like a Tarantino or Tim Burton. It seems to capture an essence of its own, instantly recognizable it draws you in to realize instantly who the movie was made by and where you might go with it.

With the likes of Pan’s Labyrinth, Hell Boy and The Devil’s Backbone under his belt Del Toro creates another skillfully mystical tale in his telling of The Orphanage. With a surreal dream like array of movies already complete, Del Toro excels himself again in another hit.

Film and Scriptwriting is an interest of mine; to be able to write, present and produce with such beauty and strength in story as Del Toro does would be a dream come true.