My Analysis of Blog by Yoon Kerr (see link below)

I like food a lot and will try anything, well almost anything. I once watched a program where a journalist travelled the world trying their local cuisine. However stumbling upon Korea, he found himself faced with a steaming bowl of stew, dog stew. The journalist refused to eat it in the end, but the program explored the dog eating culture in Korea. I am a huge animal lover and am quite disgusted at the idea of eating a ‘family pet’. My cousin recently returned from his travels to China and told me of how he by mistake ate dog. I find the whole idea quite hard to digest.

I found the particular opinion piece by Yoon Kerr very interesting as the writer uses their connection (Korean culture) to draw you in and make you believe their authority in speaking about such a topic. (ethos)

Also by drawing on other Korean dog lovers he creates empathy for the Korean culture and its misunderstanding (pathos).

A valuable piece I believe for anyone who has been judgmental or has stereotyped different cultures and perhaps persecuted them for their (at times) incorrect reputation.