I watched the film Brokeback Mountain before reading the book sometime ago.  For me it was not a story of pure love, but one of true love which can be discreet, passionate and deceitful. That was my reading from the film. However, in writing, it has proven to be a more raw experience of rugged masculine aggression shown through two bodies becoming one, mentally and physically. The way in which the two texts (paper to screen) differ obviously, is in the way the appearance of the two characters are described. The 'heroes' seem not to be as attractive as perhaps in the film. If the not so attractive qualities that Proulx outlines had been transposed to the screen, many meanings may have been changed.

The book presents the hero’s social class backgrounds firstly, through their family history and educational downfalls, leaving readers with a perhaps a compassionate outlook from the beginning. 'The Ordinary World', as Campbell calls it in his book The Writer’s Journey. is also presented; an uncomfortable existence, suffered by the characters. Further to this, Campbell's idea of ‘The Hero’s Journey’, continues in this short space of time as we see the ‘Call to Adventure', where the conflict begins and then 'The Refusal', where Ennis's character does not want to accept such responsibilities as his love for Jack.

Annie Proulx likes to present class and social communication clearly through her writing as well as creating picture-esque images.  This leaves the reader with an understanding of the characters, their heroism when facing a controvercial love in prejudiced society and vivid imagery in my mind. I can almost smell the air on Brokeback and feel the warmth from the fire which they sit around in some of Proulx’s extracts..
This makes for a great short story, a real inspiration because it 'shows' and 'tells' as Jonathan Karp talks of in his film 'Agents and Editors' (see link).

It is not subtle in the way of language, particularly in the intimate moments when assertive and graphic prose is adopted. Furthermore, to follow on from what Karp discusses in the video clip, Proulx's BBM tackles conflict, people and serious issues in society, showing repercussions from action.