I try to capture the sweet things in life and experience as many of the arts as possible.

Ballet however is not to my taste. I know that its reputation is said to be a beautiful, picturesque moment liberated through dance. I also respect the dance very much and know that ballerinas are said to be fitter than most athletes, including the likes of Beckham and Ronaldo. I also know that the great Van Dame has pirouetted a fair few times before turning into the action man we all know him as today. However, upon excitedly stumbling into my first ballet, I was utterly lost within 5 minutes and bitter at the thought of going into the second half; wishing that little ice cream tub didn't have a bottom.

Despite this bad experience at the ballet, Black Swan (Dir:Darren Aronofsky) was a film which I had wanted to watch desperately. Natalie Portman
isbeautiful and talented as an actress and dance movies are not all that bad, plus it was a film with a great reputation and nominated for various awards; worth a watch I thought.

A dark, twisted tale, which tells the story of an naive girl given the lead role for the prestigious Swan Lake. The film follows the girl's path of destruction as she obliterates herself in order to become the perfect Queen. With explicit scenes of sex and violence, it is a very dark piece that portrays the idea of innocence and fragility being corrupt by darker forces. The brave connotation of the girl’s transformation into her alto ego (the black swan) is both psychological and literal; as her personality changes so does her physical appearance. At one point she plucks a black feather from her back and in another disturbing scene we see her legs snap as she takes the shape of a bird.  

The film is all together a little jumpy and detached, with some unnecessarily graphic sex scenes, I believe perhaps for shock factor and sensationalism. The performance from Portman is fantastic and there is also a great appearance from Winona Ryder.

The story was interesting and the psychological journey believable. Even the ballet was bearable, I may even go to see a new ballet, Swan Lake I think.