Award winning play by......
Going to see this play on the weekend was a highlight of the Christmas period. Apart from mad Christmas traffic, running late and squeezing past grumpy old dears at the Saturday matinee, it was a triumph.
Edge of the seat tension for 2 hours, inspiring writing and breath taking stage production - brilliant.
Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the show begins in the rain. SItting second row centre from the front we did get a little soggy and occasionally have a cough when enhaling the puffy cloud of cigar smoke that one of the main characters used as a prop.
Set around a wealthy family at a dinner party in 1910, all is chuffingly splendid until 'An Inspector Calls' at the door and starts pointing the finger with regard to a recent death of a young woman.
The power of the script and the use of silence to create tension alone was gripping, but beneath that the concept of devision between the hierarchy of class is clear and the power of repercussion is intrinsic to the plot
Guaranteed to get you thinking about the plot twists and gasping in awe at the realism and brilliance of the special effects and effective soundtrack, this play is a must see for those interested in a good thriller.